Seeing the pain

Compare this:
Michael Jackson, Billy Jean, Live in NY, 2001

With this:
Motown, 1983

Billy Jean was the first song that got me into "foreign."

I just don't get the feeling that he was greatly enjoying it. Oh yes, people were enjoying the show.
As a professional, like all of us who has to do what we are told, what we are paid for, he was just delivering the "final good", in perfect quality.
People who had given the money were happy, enjoying the experience of "seeing the King" so close.
I wonder if anyone ever felt that he was in pain and he was struggling to perform because he had to.
His video hits on YouTube are now counted by millions with comments like, "I am so sad", "Good bye." Great, we were part of the machine who created and destroyed him. Now we have got one more icon down, God save the rest!

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