Favorite quotes from Rumi

Here are some my favorite quotes from Rumi (Mevlana):

Be like a river in generosity and benevolence
Be like the Sun in compassion and forgiveness
Be like the night in covering other's faults
Be like the dead in rage
Be like soil in humility and modesty
Be like an ocean in tolerance
Either be what you look like, or look like what you really are

Whatever you wish, search it within you!
There is a soul within your soul, search for that soul!
There is a treasure within your mountain, search for that treasure!
If you are searching for the wondering dervish;
He is not outside of you,
Search him within your soul!

The wise sees first what the ignorant sees last.

The love is born of knowing.

If you find the knowledge that is learned sufficient, it means you have brightened your eyes with somebody else's candle.

The world is a mountain, our deeds are sounds; the sounds are echoed and come back to us.

(All translations are by me, please forgive me for any misinterpretations.)


"Abilities Not Disabilities"

The following is from Yomiuri Article titled, The biggest disability is prejudice:

I think people often focus on people's disabilities rather than their abilities. Maybe this is because they don't know the person very well and only judge by appearances. I think if you tried to know them more, you would find their abilities are far greater than their disabilities.

How true...

Then we have Suzan Boyle, who is currently number 1 in the US and UK charts. Her YouTube videos, and there are several of them, were viewed by a total of more than 15 Million people!

There is nothing more I can say.